A Pet Friendly Candle?

The Pet Friendly Candle Co focuses on using the very highest quality products to produce the most incredible, luxurious and (most importantly) pet friendly candles, diffusers, melts and mists.

You may ask why we created such a business and what is a pet friendly candle?

A pet friendly candle is one that burns clear and utilises only natural products that do not give off toxic fumes that hurt our four legged friends.

In 2019, the news brought to the attention of the public that animals can be taken seriously sick through the burning of candles and the chemicals that diffusers give off. After researching this, it became apparent that it's not just our pets that can be affected but also us humans.

We made it our mission to find a blend of ingredients that significantly lowers the risk of seizures and breathing issues to both pets and humans.

Ultimately, everything that we do, we have ensured a high quality and pet friendly design.

Our candles use:

Soy Wax
Essential Oils*
Cotton on Cotton 
Recycled Labels
Recycled Packaging
Bamboo Toppers

When all of this is combined it creates an alluring & aromatic, soy-based, pet friendly candle that has no carcinogens, little soot and is a vegan candle.

As part of our commitment to pet welfare, we donate to local rescue organisations to help with the health and well being of rescue animals.
*All of our products have been tested however, pets react differently to scents and not all of our products are suitable for every pet. If you notice any changes in your pet, consult a vet immediately and take advice. No pets should ingest oils nor should they touch oils as this can cause harm. Please check each product online for any extra guidance.